Meet the Conference Supporters

Irena Šinko, Minister

“As regards the modernization of agriculture, our efforts are directed towards digital transformation, while emphasizing a green breakthrough. The digital transformation of agriculture and the food industry are a key element of the paradigm of the new Common Agricultural Policy and European Green Deal. Digitally managed systems enable farms to transition to precision agricultural systems and the technological digitalization of equipment, automation, which brings about the robotization of processes, decreased use of agricultural inputs (water, fertilizer, phytopharmaceutical substances), as well as equipment intended to monitor plants and animals. The digitalization in the food processing industry, amongst other things, enables greater food traceability, control of food safety and quality, control of the flow of material for a faster transition to a circular and biobased economy, more efficient business operations, food labelling and much more.

With respect to start-ups, they are a relatively new form of business which also enable the creation of new entrepreneurial ideas and their implementation in the agro-food industry.  The field of food promotion and processing offers several possibilities for developing new ideas and their implementation. It is essential that mainly young entrepreneurs are capable of preparing appropriate projects which will also be realized and developed accordingly. When developing start-ups, it is of key importance to support the development of niche technologies and the sensible use of resources. In the future, the processing of by-products, which may become an important source of raw materials in new procedures of production and processing, will be of great significance.”

Andrej Lasič, Management Board Member of NLB, responsible for corporate and investment banking

“Since one of our bank’s key strategic directions is sustainability, it is not surprising that we at NLB dedicate great attention to self-sufficiency and thus also to how to support our farmers. We neither lack experience nor knowledge or the appropriate solutions. We have prepared a specialized, adapted offer for farmers, while our consultants are specially trained to manage risks and find appropriate financial constructions for investments in farms. Our experts advise customers individually, visit them on their farms or other locations, listen to their stories and not only do they look for the right form of financing, but also a comprehensive, custom-tailored solution.«

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