Meet the Conference Supporters

»Innovative technologies, particularly the use of digital technologies, offer several benefits in the field of agriculture. They increase productivity, product yield and animal productivity, optimise investments in processes, as well as decrease the workload which, in turn, increases profitability. Thus, they help farmers to work more precisely, efficiently and sustainably. They also help to improve the farmers’ working conditions and decrease the impact of agriculture on the environment. It is also important to emphasize that due to the use of digital technology, agriculture is more appealing to the younger generations.«

dr. Jože Podgoršek, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food




»Changed and frequently disrupted supply chains which have been recently causing headaches in numerous industries have once again emphasized the importance of self-sufficiency and sustainability in the food sector. At NLB, we placed sustainability at the heart of our way of thinking and business decisions because we are well aware of that fact and therefore support Slovene farmers with specialized, tailored offers. We neither lack experience nor knowledge or the appropriate solutions. Our experts advise customers individually, visit them on their farms or other locations, listen to their stories and not only do they look for the right form of financing but also for a holistic, custom-tailored solution.«

Andrej Lasič, Assistant to NLB’s Management Board for Corporate and Investment Banking

»It is Poland’s ambition to be Europe’s food production hub. Agri-food accounts for 8% of the country’s gross added value and the trade surplus is increasing. Many Polish companies have invested recently in the latest production-line infrastructure particularly in dairy, meat and frozen food and now is the turn of agriculture. Major challenges remain the solutions to improve farming output and quality and reduce environmental impacts. AGRITECH is the opportunity to present quiet a few of succesfully implemented projects.«

Krzysztof Olendzki, veleposlanik Republike Poljske v Ljubljani 

»Nowadays, cooperatives have an extraordinary potential for development. They represent a system disposing of all values of a sustainable economy and just need a step further in the direction of a modern marketing approach and the implementation of efficient, as well as integrated business operations. On the path to the business model of the future, digitalization is an important form of transformation which has to be done holistically. As this constitutes a challenge for quite a few of the cooperatives, we at the Zadružna zveza Slovenije (Cooperative Association of Slovenia) offer support in the form of an advisory programme on holistic digital transformation.«

Borut Florjančič, President of Zadružna zveza Slovenije, z.o.o.

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