Branimir Popov, Prime Trinity LLC

Branimir Popov has an MSc in agribusiness management and data science. He has more than 10 years of experience in different production systems (no-till, strip-till, full-till) and different sectors of crop production (biogas, highly intensive crop production systems). Branimir Popov has established and maintained direct contact with more than 100 farmers and companies in the region and in Brazil through sales and consulting activities in soil scanning, sampling and analysing technics. He promotes regenerative agriculture practices through the Dr Agro channel on YoutTube and carbon farming measurements through innovative software/hardware solutions. He is a real promoter of agri-tech start-up companies which need experienced and versatile consultants in the area of precision farming.

09:45 – 10:45 Artificial intelligence in agri-food, best practices

  • The future of carbon farming: pros and cons

In the presentation, Branimir Popov will focus on a carbon farming future with special attention dedicated to measurement technics, quantification and scaling potential of carbon farming start-ups. He will demonstrate case studies on how fast and securely we can transfer to carbon farming and what the potential pros and cons are regarding this approach. Also, he will explain scenarios and processes of so-called land degradation levels and the importance of land due diligence through a systematic approach.