Head of the Jablje Infrastructure Center

Dr. Blaž Germšek, Agricultural Institute of Slovenia

Dr. Blaž Germšek, Head of the Jablje Infrastructure Centre at the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (slov. abbr. KIS), mainly devotes his professional and free time to new technologies in agriculture, he is mostly interested in the hydroponic growing of plants under controlled and safe conditions (greenhouses). He works in the field of plant cultivation in agriculture, fruit growing and horticulture. Furthermore, he deals with digitalization and other information support systems in agriculture, as well as robotics. The topic of his dissertation was machine learning in fruit growing, which is why he is even more interested and attracted to this topic.

Within the framework of his regular work at the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, he deals with seed trade and marketing activities in the field of the cultivation of Slovene potato varieties, grass, clovers and vegetables. He is aware that Slovene varieties would be better represented and available to domestic buyers, especially to Slovene farmers.

The Agricultural Institute of Slovenia is the leading research institute in the field of agriculture in Slovenia. It holistically deals with the challenges of modern agriculture and disseminates its work in the field of environmental protection and ecology. It has 234 employees, of which more than 80 are researchers.

11:15 – 12:00  How to successfully digitize and robotize a farm