Dr. Dragana Vukasinović, Fauna Smart Technologies

Dr. Dragana Vukasinović is an experienced Crop Protection Scientist (16+ years) with Agricultural Entomology as her field of expertise. Dragana has a broad knowledge in Plant/Crop Production Systems, focusing on IPM and Biocontrol in IPM. Dragana did her PhD in Agricultural Entomology (focus: eco-physiology & organismal biology) at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science, in Denmark. Today, Dragana is a Founder and CEO of Fauna Smart Technologies, a startup based in Copenhagen, Denmark dedicated to creating farming practices in line with nature.

11:10 – 12:00 Round table: Financing and development of startups and projects in agriculture

The development, financing and commercialization of agriculture requires financial services that can support smaller and larger agricultural investments and agricultural infrastructure that require long-term funding and advancements in technology. An important challenge is to address systemic risks through different risk management mechanisms. At the round table, we will discuss where there are opportunities for technological and digital development in agriculture and how to access appropriate sources of funding and advisory support.