Founder and CEO

Matej Štefančič, Efos

EFOS is a high-tech company from Razdrto which has established itself globally with the Trapview automated pest monitoring system. The company markets software and hardware as services or tools, respectively, for easier decision-making with respect to pest control before they can cause any damage. Efos disposes of the largest database on almost 40 different kinds of pests and algorithms in the world and can thus predict the movement of pests 14 days in advance, thereby helping the grower to optimize his/her spraying.

Matej Stefančič is the founder and director of the high-tech company Efos from Razdrto. He manages a team of more than 30 people which until now has focussed on developing the Trapview automated pest monitoring system and now particularly attends to its commercialization and expansion to new markets.

13:15 – 14:00   Presentation of good practices of Startups in Agri-food