Young farmer

Vinko Medved

Vinko Medved is from a fruit growing farm in Žikarce in Slovenske gorice. The farm produces apples on a 14-hectare piece of land, a third of which is not covered with hail protection nets, however, all plantation can be irrigated because it has sufficient water in its reservoir. Thanks to the irrigation system, they saved themselves from the drought during the summer.

The lower areas are otherwise protected against the spring frost which was not forewarned by meteorologists. Together with the hail, it caused some damage, therefore, they had slightly less than 600 tons of apples constituting an average harvest.

The farm also has cold storages for apples and apple sorting machines, which, however have not been used in recent years as all apples are sold in bulk via wholesalers.

11:15 – 12:00  How to successfully digitize and robotize a farm